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[Table] I am actor / director Shemar Moore - AMA!

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If Thomas Gibson smiles, will his face crack or will it be a divide by zero thing? P.S. Your show made me choose criminology as my university major. Believe it or not, when Thomas Gibson is not being "Hotch" he is actually the biggest the joke teller of the team! He can do accents and imitate people extremely well. He loves his kids enormously and loves to show videos of them and tell jokes. But as soon as the cameras roll and the director says Action - he turns into grumpy death stare Hotch.
What is it like playing Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds? Favorite episode(s)? Favorite quote(s)? Have you read any fan fiction about Derek Morgan? If so, what are your opinions? Any interesting stories of what fans said/did to you that you can disclose? Derek Morgan is the tough guy who kicks down doors, he's the charming guy who flirts with Garcia, he's the big brother of the team. He's proud, private, has trust issues - sometimes temperamental but very loyal. He hates bullies and will always do what he can to protect those that can't defend themselves.
Any stories about what happens behind the scenes while filming Criminal Minds that doesn’t make it to the bloopers? How long does it take for you to memorize your lines? Do you use any “cheat sheets”? We are a bunch of goofballs behind the scenes. Reid is Pretty and tells jokes, Hotch does smile once in a while, JJ is sarcastic and funny, Rossi is one of the coolest people I've ever met, Blake is the hottie from Basic Instinct, Garcia is just one of a kind and my Baby Girl for life. I get pranks pulled on me all the time, the crew has scared me with bears, rats and bats.
A lot of people want the BAU team to be in relationships with each other. Who would you like Derek to be with if you got to choose? The team really is made up of brothers and sisters, it's weird to think about doing the hanky panky with the ladies on the team. Garcia has some amazing cleavage and AJ has a cute lil tush, but that's Shemar talking - not Derek.
Shemar, I love you sooo much!! I always watch Criminal Minds!! Can you say hi to me?? That'd be just AMAZING, and you'll make this day th best day EVER and the happiest of them all!!! You want me to say Hi? I want to say HEEEYYY BAAABBBYYY GIIIRRRLLL!!! How do you like that??
Do you ever use real life experiences to help you portray your story lines in the show? Whenever I have to perform emotional scenes, I draw from my own life experiences, so whatever the character is going through feels real.
Where did "baby girl" (the name you call Garcia) come from? "Baby Girl" is something I've said my entire life. I have all kinds of pet names, like Baby Boy, Pretty Boy, Sweet Cheeks, Sugar T*ts, Doll Face, Mama, Baby Mama, Wifey and a whole bunch more. I just ad libbed in a scene with Garcia in Season 1 and they kept it in the show and Baby Girl was born.
Are you fashionably late to every event? lol ;) I'm half black and there's an expression called "CPT" which means "Colored People Time" - I don't mean to sound racist, it's simply funny. So I many run a few minutes late, but when I show up it's always right on time.
Who on the show were you the saddest to see leave? It's always sad to see anybody go that's been part of your team and your life when we spend so much time together. The recent loss of Paget Brewster has been hard to get over because her energy and talent cannot be replaced.
Who do you enjoy filming scenes with the most? I have a good chemistry with all the actor. I like going head to head in intense scenes with Thomas, I like goofing with Matthew, I like talking mess with Joe in between scenes, I like running around kicking butt with AJ and she's fun to look at (just saying) and of course, all the sexual tension with my Baby Girl Garcia never gets old.
How do you handle working with such dark material day in and day out? Ever deal with nightmares, etc. from your work on CM? I don't take my work home with me. I know that I'm just playing pretend but my job and my passion is to bring the material to life and make it real for you. I'm grateful that the world that I play in is not the world that I live in. But it is fun to creep you guys out, to scare you and keep you on the edge of your seat.
Hi Shemar, do you have a celebrity crush right now? i know you said you liked Jennifer Aniston back in the day so do you have a new one? I love you so much by the way <3 from Aba. Hey Aba, All my celebrity crushes are married :-( ... I hope they are happy but if they had met me before they jumped the broom, they'd be happier than they've ever known and they would have some pretty babies.
Shemar, you are amazing on Criminal Minds! What was it like to be in the presence of Mandy Patinkin? Do you play pranks on your co-workers? If so, what kind? Working with Mandy was an honor and a lot of fun. I felt like he motivated me and inspired me to dig deeper and push myself to continue to grow as an actor. I miss him and have a great deal of respect for his talent.
Beard or no beard? Shemar likes a 5 o'clock shadow and scruff! Derek wears a goatee because it's the easiest to maintain and gives him a lil edge. If Derek was to shave off the goatee (which I'm considering), it might make him look a little too nice, and I like that Derek has a rough and tough all business facade but all you fans know he's a little softie underneath.
Ok, I'll stop swooning. Real question: what is the ranking of the various CM characters? as in who outranks who? Hotch is the BOSS. Rossi is the wise Uncle. Pretty Boy is just pretty and way too smart, Blake is Mom, JJ is the sexy baby sister, Penelope is the fast talking, big hearted reminder that we are all human and Derek is the tough, intense gentle giant.
Hi Shemar!! What is your favorite food? I love homemade cooking!! I don't cook all that well, but I bake so I'll wash the dishes and provide dessert. Soul Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Mexican and Italian. Thanks NOW I'M STARVING!!!
Can you dance? I plan on seeing you on dancing with that stars you know a lot of people you think it would be impossible accomplished it … it's a good idea … no really I'm kidding just thought I'd get a laugh out of you but if you consider it or offered it let us know? With a little wine in my system I can bring some old school silly moves to life. I'm no Chris Brown, but I'm a lot of fun to watch.
Hi Shemar! Thanks for doing this. Is there any chance we might see some more pranks between Morgan and Reid? There's pranks between Shemar & Matthew all the time at work, as far as Morgan and Reid - it depends on what mood the writers are in - but YES, I will find a way to make you guys laugh and pick on Pretty Boy.
Hi, Shemar! What song do you love to dance to? My favorite song right now when I wanna turn up is "Started from the bottom" by Drake.
Can you tell us more about "The Bounce Back" and what it's about? The Bounce Back is a heartfelt romantic dramedy which is a fun, sensitive and endearing reminder that we all want true love. Many of us have suffered heartache and heartbreak but if we can stay strong for and celebrate ourselves true love will always find us again. This movie is gonna make you laugh, it's gonna make you cry, it's gonna make you believe in yourself and be excited about falling in love all over again.
I think fan involvement is what makes this project so unique. Very often we count on our audience to merely see our finished product but with this process, they are part of the film. They aren't just helping fund it. They will be included in the process of making the movie through the entire process. I want my fans to feel as if they are apart of this project alongside the cast and crew - it doesn't matter if they gave $1 or $10,000. If they support me and this project, I want them to be part of this journey. I think that is a uniquely special opportunity that fans have never been given in the past and I think mine are loving being part of this ground breaking process.
If you were to have a guest star on the show, who would you like to see there? It probably wouldn't be on CM because they are established movie stars. But I would love to share the screen with Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Jeffrey Wright.
Hey Mr. Moore! 1. I love you and Criminal Minds. I'm amped for the next season! So here's my question: who is your fave costar to work with? And again, I love you :) I'm lovin on you right back baby girl ... wanna wrestle?
If you weren't an actor, what do you think you'd be doing? My original dream was to be a professional baseball player - I always dreamt of playing for the Boston Red Sox or the Oakland A's. I was really good growing up but not good enough. I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason and cannot complain ever about the cards I've been dealt and the career and life that I'm blessed to have.
Hey Shemar! So, besides Derek, is there any other character on Criminal Minds you'd like to play? Why? I'd love to see Derek go undercover in the storyline.
Do you listen to Howard Stern? I like that Howard Stern dances to his own drum with no apologies.
Hi Shemar :) i really love the Baby Girl line and the fact some money is given to the MS charity as my mum suffers from it. what inspired you to make the line? im hoping for a hat for my birthday on thursday :) The Baby Girl line is just a fun way to flirt and keep you ladies looking and feeling sexy while raising money for to help the fight to find a cure for my mother and millions of others that are affected by MS.
I don't really have a question, but I just want to say that my mom and I always bond over Criminal Minds. You're her favorite (mostly because you have really nice arms). So thank you for being a part of that. :) Kisses and Thangs to you and Mama!! I'll make sure I stay in the gym and keep it sexy for you!
What's ur favorite episode of criminal minds. And are you and Kristen as close and Garcia and Morgan are Hey Danielle - my favorite episode would be Profiler Profiled and Restoration. The chemistry you see on the screen between Morgan and Garcia is because Shemar and Kirsten adore each other in real life.
I am French and I love série.Je read the book now Volume 2.Je'm also a fan of you, you're too beautiful and sexy I love you Shemar.Bisous of France. Bonjour Cecile! Je t'adore. Voulez vous couche avec moi ce maintenant lol lol lol!!! I love my sexy French Baby Girls!
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